Frozen bike lock?

Winter in Wisconsin brings plenty of snow and cold temperatures, which can cause a lot of headaches for us cyclists in the northern hemisphere.  One obstacle that many cyclist face is a frozen bike lock.

What causes a bike lock to freeze?  

When a bicycle is locked during the day the sun will cause moisture to build up inside the locking mechanism.  As the temperature begins to drop the moisture freezes inside the locking mechanism, which prevents keys and dials from being able to unlock it.

How do you prevent a frozen bike lock?

Apply a generous amount of lubricant that has a light viscosity and contains high grade petroleum oils directly on the lock mechanism.  The light viscosity will allow the lubricant to enter into every aspect of the locking mechanism and the high grade petroleum oil will provide optimal lubrication when exposed to extreme temperatures.  Apply a little amount of lubricant every couple weeks.  Your lock should now be winterized!

Lubricating a bike lock

What lubricant do you recommend?

We recommend using Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant in a drip bottle.  This works very well
in cold weather conditions and can be purchased here.


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