Our Model


Our factory-direct distribution model allows us to manufacture high-end bicycles in the USA and sell them at competitive prices directly to the end consumer.

How it Works

Our bikes are sold exclusively through our website or showroom and are delivered directly to the customer. The wholesale and retail margins associated with a traditional distribution model are removed from our factory-direct approach. These savings are then passed on directly to you, the customer.

Wyatt Factory-Direct Model


Incredible Value

More bike for your hard earned money.

Total Transparency

See how and where your bike was actually made.

No Retail Markup

Not paying for non-value added markups.

Direct Feedback

Communicate directly with the factory.

Product Customization

Make your bike as unique as you are.

Support American Manufacturing

Purchase with pride knowing that you are supporting the American economy.

Traditional Model

The traditional distribution model for the bike industry consists of brands selling to bicycle shops and bicycle shops selling to the end consumer. The problem with this model is that the original cost of the product may end up costing almost 4x as much because both the brand and bicycle shop need to add a markup. So a bike that costs $500 to manufacture will ultimately cost you, the end consumer, $2,000!

This model makes it very difficult for brands that actually manufacture their bikes in the USA to compete in a retail setting, as lower prices drive sales. Lower prices also strangle innovation, which results in brands making bicycles with predetermined prices in mind, limiting them to using cheaper materials and finding the cheapest labor force that tends not to care about the products they are making.