Winter fat biking is right around the corner

It’s that time of year again when fall is in the air and winter is right around the corner. This is also the time of year when the majority of people hang up their bike and don’t get back on the saddle until spring. Well, in the biking world, that isn’t a problem anymore with the development of fat bikes. Fat biking is one of the fastest growing segments of the bike industry today as more and more people are starting to see the potential that they have.

A fat bike is a bicycle that is equipped with tires that have a width of 3.8” or wider. The purpose of a fat bike is to be able to ride on terrain that a normal mountain bike can’t handle, such as snow, sand, and mud. They are true all terrain bikes and can take you places that you haven’t ridden before. Although fat bikes can ride on all types of terrain, they excel at riding in the snow. The large volume tires expand when they come in contact with the ground, creating a large surface area. The large surface area provides floatation and additional traction that a mountain bike can’t provide.

This past winter, Wyatt Bicycle Co. designed one of the most affordable fat bikes on the market, Driftless. Unlike traditional fat bikes that are slower and less maneuverable, the Driftless is designed around a traditional XC mountain bike with short chainstays and a steep head angle. Our goal with the Driftless was to take the benefits of a mountain bike and add the capabilities of a fat bike, while keeping the bike affordable. This allowed us to create a bike that is fast, maneuverable, lightweight, and can handle any type of riding condition. This allows the rider to take the Driftless from the snow in winter to the single track in summer, without sacrificing performance. The Driftless can be used for ultra-endurance, fat bike racing, and single track. It is also one of the only fat bikes on the market that customers have the ability to customize, meaning the customer can choose a 1×10 (10 speed) or 2×10 (20 speed) drivetrain and customize the colors of their frameset, decals, rim strips, head badge, and cable housing.

This winter is going to be a very exciting time for fat biking because the amount of fat bike riders has grown significantly in the past couple years. With more riders on the trails, more trails will be open and available to ride on. We hope you have the chance to get out and ride a fat bike this winter, so you can experience the thrill of riding in all four seasons and discover new places that you wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to see. Don’t let your current bike hold you back. Get out and seek your adventure today on a Driftless fat bike. Here at Wyatt Bicycle Co., we are just as excited as you are to ride our bikes year round. Enjoy the ride!

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