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The Wyatt Story

Wyatt Bicycle Company started in the summer of 2011 and has been on an epic ride ever since.  From the beginning, we have been making high quality bikes that are fun to ride!


Wyatt Bicycle Co.

Wyatt bikes are designed, powder coated, and assembled in the heart of the Midwest where adventure is in our blood and our passion for quality is as strong as the mighty Mississippi. We believe that a bike is more than just a form of transportation, but an extension of your lifestyle. Hop on one of our bikes and seek your adventure.

Our History


While attending the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and working as the head bike mechanic for the campus bike rental program, Wyatt had an overwhelming amount of students ask if he could adjust their gears.  He wondered why more students didn’t ride single speed bikes that are reliable and almost maintenance free.  After searching the web, he found that the majority of single speed and fixed gear bikes were either overpriced or were affordable, but built using low quality materials.  Wyatt saw that there was a need for a quality bike at an affordable price.


Wyatt decided to turn his passion into a career and founded Wyatt Bicycle Company in June of 2011.  In November of that year, he received his first shipment of bikes and operated out of a single car garage where he assembled and tuned each bicycle.  Without electricity and heat, Wyatt used battery powered lights mounted to the ceiling and bundled up during the cold Wisconsin winter months.

Single Car Garage

This is the single car garage where it all began.

The original workbench.


In January of 2012, Wyatt Bicycle Co. partnered with Fab.com to run a flash sale.  Wyatt unexpectedly sold 90 bicycles in 3 days.  From this point forward, Wyatt Bicycle Co. has continued to grow and offer its customers quality products backed by unmatched customer service.

Wyatt moved his operation out of the single car garage and into a 2,500 square foot warehouse in the summer of 2012.


Wyatt began making small steps toward bringing the manufacturing process back to the United States in 2013.  All Wyatt bikes are now powder coated in Ettrick, WI, which is a small town 30 miles north of La Crosse.  Powder coating significantly improved the quality of the bikes finish and is an environmentally friendly alternative to liquid paint.

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On August 16 and October 7, 2013, over 2 million viewers saw Wyatt Bicycle Company featured on The Price is Right game show!  Watch the Video

Wyatt Bicycle Co / Price is Right

Customer Service

Wyatt Bicycle Company has built a strong reputation in the bike industry for offering outstanding customer service.  We believe that great customer service is more than just answering a customers question, concern, or complaint, it is about going above and beyond for each customer and providing them with the best shopping experience.


It’s our passion, too.

At Wyatt Bicycle Company, we test ride every single bicycle that we build, to ensure that it meets our expectations.  We know what makes a bike not just good, but better than the rest, which is why we put our heart and soul into every one of our precious bikes.  Every bike is inspected, powder coated, and assembled by hand in La Crosse, WI.

Why do we put this much effort into each and every bicycle?  We care about quality and take pride in who we are and what we do.  Our bikes are an extension of us and we want to give you the exact same experience that we have, every time we hop on a Wyatt bike.

Enjoy the ride, live long, and ride on!

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