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In The USA

using 100% American-made aluminum

Because It Matters

Our Mission

At Wyatt Bicycles, our unwavering dedication to American manufacturing drives us. We design and manufacture the world’s most durable and capable bicycles, handcrafted from 100% American-made aluminum. Our purpose is to enable riders to embrace freedom and defy boundaries while fostering local communities and bolstering the American economy.

More than a label

Wyatt Made in USA Logo

We don’t hide behind false claims of “Made in the USA”, “Built in the USA”, or “Assembled in the USA” for the sake of marketing. We make the claim “Made in the USA” because we live by it and own it, from start to finish. If a company is making these claims, ask them to prove it! 

Did you know?

99% of all bicycles sold in the USA are made overseas

*According to the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association 2020

How did the bike industry get here?

During the 90s and early 2000s, the majority of bike companies shut down their American factories, and outsourced their production to Asia, chasing after cheaper labor and increased profits. As a result, American manufacturing jobs were lost, while China and Taiwan became the manufacturing hubs for the bicycle industry. In the end, these bicycle “manufacturers” have lost touch with their roots and merely turned into marketing companies selling new products on hyperbolic ideas that only made the bike industry more confusing.

At Wyatt, we believe in American manufacturing and refuse to compromise on our commitment to quality, integrity, and America.

-Wyatt Hrudka | Owner & Founder

We believe there is a better way

We believe in American manufacturing. As an American bicycle brand, it is our duty to actually manufacture the frames that we design. This gives us complete control over the quality of our bikes and allows us to support the American economy, the American workforce, our environment, and our freedom.

Manufacturing bicycle frames in the USA is not an easy task. It is very labor-intensive and significantly more expensive than outsourcing to other countries. But we refuse to compromise on our commitment to quality and integrity. That’s why we use innovative manufacturing techniques and own the entire manufacturing process – so we can keep our prices competitive while still producing high-quality, American-made bikes.

So don’t settle for a bike that was made halfway around the world – choose an American-made bike that you can be proud of. Join us on our mission to support American manufacturing. Together, we can make a real difference.