A Bike For Every Season

We built the Maverick for those who want to keep their free-riding spirit alive, when the snow hits the ground. It’s a bike that can perform year-round and inspire confidence on any trail. It’s a bike that has been ridden in subzero temperatures, raced in a downhill series, and bikepacked the Baja Divide. It is a bike made for those who want to have fun whenever and wherever they ride.

Build Your Maverick


Please note that the Maverick pictured directly above is an older image that doesn’t feature our newest gusset and rear triangle design.

Build Your Maverick



Ship Time Small: 2-3 weeks | Medium: 2-3 weeks | Large: 2-3 weeks | X-Large: 3-4 weeks

Lifetime Customer Support
5 Year Frame Warranty
30 Day Test Ride


Maverick is an American-made fat bike with modern trail geometry and massive tires. Its roomy cockpit is made for short stems and wide bars for better control over the big front tire. The slack head tube angle, low bottom bracket, and optimized chain stay lengths make for a balanced ride to keep you feeling confident on the steep downhill sections and allow you to climb like a mountain goat on those daunting hills. Maverick is designed for having fun whenever and wherever you ride.

Wyatt Maverick Fat Bike - Gen5 - American-made fat bike

The Foundation (Frame Design)

You’ve probably noticed, but our frames have a unique look to them. They are burly, aggressive, and made to take a beating. We only use premium US-sourced 6061-T6 aluminum for a great balance of strength and weight. The front triangle is made with oversized round tubing, while the rear triangle is made from custom extruded rectangular tubing welded to CNC’d yokes and sliding dropouts. This design reduces frame flex, improves torsional compliance, and enhances power transfer with each pedal stroke. In other words, less energy is absorbed in the frame and more energy is transferred from the tire to the ground.

Suspension Friendly

The Maverick is designed around a 530mm axle to crown fork. This is the length of the fork from the center of the axle to the top of the crown. For fat bike forks, this is typically 110-120mm of travel depending on the brand and model year. This is why it is important to look at the axle to crown number rather than the travel numbers when determining if a fork will fit or affect the geometry of the bike. The Wren Carbon fork is suspension-corrected for the Maverick and is equal to a 110mm fork at 20% sag, so the geometry and ride quality aren’t adversely affected when switching between the two forks.

Adjustable Dropouts

The Maverick frame is equipped with the tried and true sliding dropout system. Our sliding dropouts allow you to move your wheel fore and aft with 20mm of adjustment. This allows you to modify your chainstay length, use different tire size diameters, and even run your bike setup as a single speed. Ultimately, this allows you to tune your bike for different riding scenarios. And yes, our dropouts are compatible with all Paragon Machine Works’ conventional sliders and Sram’s Transmission group.

Dropper Post Compatible

Whether you want to keep it simple with a rigid post or want to benefit from the use of a dropper post, the Maverick is compatible with both internal and externally routed dropper posts. There is a slot in the bottom of the seat tube that allows for an internally routed dropper post or you can use the additional mounts under the top tube to route an externally routed dropper post. The choice is yours!

Narrow Q-Factor Compatible

The Maverick has a 100mm threaded bottom bracket, which is 20mm narrower than most fat bikes with 197mm of rear spacing. Our newly designed CNC yokes and curved chainstays allow you to use any fat bike crankset designed for 190/197mm rears with a Q-factor of 205mm or greater. Please note that the stock RaceFace Ride crankset has a 230mm Q-factor.

Massive Tire Clearance

Maverick was built around a 26″ x 4.8″ tire, which is our preferred tire for optimal handling on loose trails. But this size might not be for everyone. Want to run 26″ x 5.05″ tires? No problem. What about 27.5″ x 4.5″ tires? Piece of cake. Hey, what if I want to run 29″ x 3.0″ tires? Easy peasy. We achieved this with our beautifully designed CNC yokes and sliding dropouts mated to our sexy curved rectangular chainstays and seat stays.

Tire Compatibility

Maverick Rear Triangle Tire Clearance

Build Kit

FramePremium 6061-T6 Aluminum (Made in USA)
ForkWren Rigid or Wren Inverted Suspension
DropoutsSliders, 20mm adjustable, 197x12mm
WheelsetSUNringlé Mulefüt V2 26"
TiresSchwalbe Al Mighty 26x4.8"
DrivetrainYour choice
CrankRaceFace Ride 170mm
ChainringRaceFace DM N/W Steel 30t
Bottom BracketRaceFace Team XC 100mm Threaded
SaddleWTB Speed Comp
SeatpostRaceface Ride 30.9mm
HandlebarProTaper 31.8 x 800
StemProtaper, Length: 35mm, Clamp: 31.8mm
HeadsetFSA Orbit ITA - tapered
BrakesetYour choice
Rotors180mm front / 160mm rear
WeightMedium w/Carbon Fork - 32 lbs
Medium w/Suspension - 36 lbs
Weight limit350lbs

Frame Specs

Frame Material: American-made 6061-T6 aluminum

Bottom Bracket: 100mm Threaded

Chainline: 76mm

Q-factor: 230mm (w/RF Ride Crankset) / Frame is compatible with lower Q-factor cranksets with a 205mm Q.

Minimum Q-factor: 205mm (228mm for frames ordered in 2022)

Max Chainring: 34t

Rear Spacing: 12 x 197mm (Stock) / 9 x 190mm (with QR sliders)

Dropouts: Left Side, Sliding, Post Mount, 160 Rotor, 12 mm | Right Side, Sliding, Hanger, M12 x 1.5

Rear Axle: 197 x M12 x 1.5, Rear

Headtube: 50.8mm OD / 44mm ID

Seat Tube: 34.9mm OD / 30.9mm ID (31.6mm if the bike was received in 2022)

Seat Post Clamp Diameter: 34.9mm

Recommended Tire Size: 26 x 4.8″ / 27.5 x 3.8″ / 29 x 3.0″

Max Tire Size: 26 x 5.05″ / 27.5 x 4.5″

Water Bottle Mounts: 2 locations (above and below down tube)

Rack Mounts: Located on rear dropouts (Special seat clamp required for seat tube mount)

Weight: 6 lbs (with sliders)

Frame Size Guide

Please review the size chart below to determine the optimal frame size based on your height.

Wyatt Bicycles Size Chart

If you find yourself between sizes, we recommend the following:

  1. Size down for an active ride and size up for a stable ride.
  2. If you have longer legs and a shorter torso than the average person your height, we recommend that you size down. If you’re all torso and arms, we recommend that you size up.


The Maverick frame has modern mountain bike geometry and is based around a front fork with an axle to crown of 530mm. You will find our base Geometry under the Wren Inverted 110mm tab below. We’ve also included the geometry charts for the different fork options that we offer, along with how a 20% sag setting adjusts the geometry numbers.

Please keep in mind that when comparing geometry charts between two brands, many factors come into play that can alter the charts. The biggest factor is fork length and fork offset, which can alter the stack and reach numbers significantly. Other variables that can affect the stack and reach numbers include head tube length and lower headset stack height. Another important factor to keep in mind when looking at the reach numbers is stem length. A frame might have a long reach, but it was designed to use a short stem, like the Maverick.

If you have any questions about our frame sizing or geometry, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Maverick Geometry with the Wren Rigid Carbon fork

Bike SizeSmallMediumLargeX-Large
AEffective Top Tube Length616mm647mm685mm712mm
DSeat Tube Length400mm440mm490mm540mm
ESeat Tube Angle75°75°75°75°
FHead Tube Length115mm125mm135mm145mm
GHead Tube Angle68°68°68°68°
HChainstay Length445-465mm445-465mm445-465mm445-465mm
JStand Over Height27.5"28.5"29.5"31.5"
KBottom Bracket Drop63mm63mm63mm63mm
NFront Center728mm760mm799mm828mm
OFork Length505mm505mm505mm505mm
PFork Offset45mm45mm45mm45mm

Maverick Geometry with Wren Inverted 110mm without sag

Bike SizeSmallMediumLargeX-Large
AEffective Top Tube Length620mm651mm688mm716mm
DSeat Tube Length400mm440mm490mm540mm
ESeat Tube Angle74°74°74°74°
FHead Tube Length115mm125mm135mm145mm
GHead Tube Angle67°67°67°67°
HChainstay Length445-465mm445-465mm445-465mm445-465mm
JStand Over Height28"29"30"32"
KBottom Bracket Drop55mm55mm55mm55mm
NFront Center736mm768mm807mm835mm
OFork Length (Axle to Crown)530mm530mm530mm530mm
PFork Offset45mm45mm45mm45mm

Maverick Geometry with Wren Inverted 110mm with 20% sag

Bike SizeSmallMediumLargeX-Large
Recommended Rider Height5'3"-5'7"5'8"-5'11"6'0"-6'3"6'4"-6'7"
AEffective Top Tube Length617mm648mm685mm713mm
DSeat Tube Length400mm440mm490mm540mm
ESeat Tube Angle75°75°75°74°
FHead Tube Length115mm125mm135mm145mm
GHead Tube Angle68°68°68°67°
HChainstay Length445-465mm445-465mm445-465mm445-465mm
JStand Over Height28"29"30"32"
KBottom Bracket Drop62mm62mm62mm62mm
NFront Center730mm761mm800mm828mm
OFork Length (Axle to Crown)508mm508mm508mm508mm
PFork Offset45mm45mm45mm45mm

Maverick Geometry with Wren Inverted 120mm without sag

Bike SizeSmallMediumLargeX-Large
AEffective Top Tube Length621mm652mm690mm718mm
DSeat Tube Length400mm440mm490mm540mm
ESeat Tube Angle73.6°73.6°73.6°73.6°
FHead Tube Length115mm125mm135mm145mm
GHead Tube Angle66.6°66.6°66.6°67°
HChainstay Length445-465mm445-465mm445-465mm445-465mm
JStand Over Height28.5"29.5"30.5"32.5"
KBottom Bracket Drop51mm51mm51mm51mm
NFront Center740mm771mm810mm839mm
OFork Length (Axle to Crown)540mm540mm540mm540mm
PFork Offset45mm45mm45mm45mm

Maverick Geometry with Wren Inverted 120mm with 20% sag

Bike SizeSmallMediumLargeX-Large
AEffective Top Tube Length618mm649mm687mm714mm
DSeat Tube Length400mm440mm490mm540mm
ESeat Tube Angle74.6°74.6°74.6°74.6°
FHead Tube Length115mm125mm135mm145mm
GHead Tube Angle67.6°67.6°67.6°67.6°
HChainstay Length445-465mm445-465mm445-465mm445-465mm
JStand Over Height28.5"29.5"30.5"32.5"
KBottom Bracket Drop60mm60mm60mm60mm
NFront Center732mm763mm802mm831mm
OFork Length (Axle to Crown)516mm518mm518mm518mm
PFork Offset45mm45mm45mm45mm


Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Matt Kwiatkowski (Chicago, IL, US)
American Made

This is by far one of the highest quality bikes that I have owned. Amongst Fat Tire Bikes this is the best. Keep up the great work Wyatt!!! It is still appreciated to see things made in the U.S.A.

Jacob Steadman (Port Edwards, WI, US)
Quality Crafted in the USA!

Was thrilled to find a bicycle manufacturer that makes frames in my home state of Wisconsin. Supporting small business and USA manufacturing is important these days when most everything is made overseas. After only a few short minutes of speaking with Wyatt, I could tell this was his passion. He answered all my questions and was outstanding. There is pride and a commitment to quality behind each bike. The ability to choose your frame color and part specs is a huge plus. The bike has been fantastic, having ridden it in a variety of conditions. Racing, snow, trails, wet slop, sand the Maverick will do it all and take you anywhere you want to go.

Joel Wener (Chicago, IL, US)
Great Bike!

A friend let me know about Wyatt and his American made fat tire bikes. Buying US made was important to me and talking with Wyatt you know right away this is his passion. I love my fat tire bike and love the advice and follow Wyatt offers.

Pete Joas (Neshkoro, WI, US)
Only in America

I am a 65 year old male and Wyatt when through everything with me before I bought the bike. Then when I arrived to pick up my bike Wyatt walked me through the whole bike and the only thing that needed to be adjusted was the seat. You will never get the service like you get from Wyatt anywhere. It is the best bike I have ever been on. Wyatt keep up the good work and keep making it in the great USA.

Thank You so much for helping me out with the Maverick bike. I should of bought one of your bikes a long time ago.

Thank You,


John Beranek (Rochester, MN, US)
Great Bike

I purchased the Maverick and picked it up about a month ago. I bought it mainly for winter but have had it out a couple times and am very impressed with the bike. It is a very comfortable ride and quality is top notch. It looks great too.

L.M.S. (Sparta, WI, US)
Awesome Bike!

Attention to detail and exceptional product with impeccable service. I love my Wyatts!!!

Thank you, Wyatt!

William Nyman (Glenmoore, PA, US)

This is my first FAT tire bike and Wyatt hit expectations on all accounts. When going through the purchasing process, i had a lot of questions that Wyatt was very helpful in answering based on the type of riding that i would be doing. The bike arrived on time and did not take much time to assemble the few components that were disassembled to ship. The quality is top notch and the ride is awesome. My riding ranges from off-road trails, gravel roads, and some paved road areas. The standard drive train works well and is geared to travel up some good offroad grades without burning out a part time rider. I upgraded the front forks to the inverted wren shocks, moved to the 27.5x3.8 wheels and swapped out the standard seat post for a dropper post. I am happy with all the upgrades, worth the additional. I plan to try it out this winter in some snow. If you are looking for a top notch FAT tire bike from a company that helps fit the bike to rider, Wyatt is for you..

Josh J. (Libertyville, IL, US)
Love it.

I purchased a custom color maverick with some different parts that I wanted installed. They were very accommodating to my request. Their customer service is excellent. The frame showed up flawless. I love that it’s American made. First ride was great and I can’t wait to get some miles on.

Bradley Cellier (Worthington, PA, US)
Who Manufactured Your Bicycle Frame?

I purchased three Mavericks for my wife, daughter, and me. After about nine months of riding, we are loving them more than ever, and my daughter is looking for opportunities to ride in the snow!
I "grew up" riding a 1991 Stumpjumper in the mountains of Central PA and after a ton of research, the Wyatt Maverick became the clear winner for our family. Wyatt is professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and shared his wisdom while selecting components. After purchasing, my daughter and I made the trip to visit the shop and see how our Mavericks are built - just amazing!
How do you place a value on knowing the people who manufactured, heat treated, and powder-coated your bicycle frame, in Wisconsin, and all from USA materials?
Riding has been a mix of logging roads, trails, gravel, and even the beach (which is phenomenal). I love how this bike is stable, maneuverable, and climbs like crazy! But be prepared for lots of questions - a Wyatt Maverick is an attention magnet!

Bradley Lassa (Sparta, WI, US)
A1 Craftsmanship!!

Great to work with on all aspects of the build. End result was nothing less than perfect.