Wren Inverted Fat Bike Suspension



The Wren inverted fat bike fork is Wyatt approved and in our opinion, the best fat bike fork on the market. The inverted design simply works better because it is more responsive and there is less handlebar drop when the suspension is engaged. This allows you to stay in control and attack any obstacle without thinking twice. It also has true lockout system so that you can lockout and make it ride like it is rigid (without suspension). This is great for flat trails and commuting as it will allow you to maximize each pedal stroke without it being absorbed in the suspension.



The Wren inverted suspension fork simply works better than the competition. The inverted design allows for lighter stanchions at the bottom, which reduces the mass of the moving part of the fork. This results in better responsiveness and leads to a better ride. Inverting also anchors the stanchions into the stronger, larger upper tubes and crown making the overall chassis much stronger and stiffer. This lowers the fulcrum point where the uppers join the stanchions compared to other fork designs decreasing the leverage factor. This design also positions the seals downward so dirt and grim don’t get lodge between the stanchions and uppers.

What’s included: Suspension fork, carbon bashguards, travel clips, and owners manual.

Tire Size: Width – 5.0″
Wheel Size: 26″ to 29″
Steerer: AL7050 Tapered – 1.125″ ~ 1.5″
Crown: AL6066T6 3D forged
Stanchions: AL7050 hard anodized, 36mm
Uppers: AL7050 hard anodized, 43mm
Dropouts: Forged
Axle: Bolt-on
Brake: Post mount
Offset: 45mm
Damping System
Right side – sealed oil cartridge, adjustable rebound and compression with true lockout.
Left side – TwinAir System, fully adjustable.
110mm Travel – 2151 g / 4.7 lb
150mm Travel – 2280 g / 5.0 lb

Fork Model Travel Only Travel/AC Together
150mm Travel 150 150/570
140 140/560
130 130/550
120 120/540
110mm Travel 110 110/530
100 100/520
90 90/510
80 80/500