Terrene Cake Eater 27.5X4.0 Light



The Terrene Cake Eater is a fast rolling fat bike tire designed to provide a balance of grip and speed over groomed and icy surfaces. The Cake Eater fat bike tire was inspired by winter car tires with fast rolling, low profile center lugs that have deep siping for maximum grip on slick icy surfaces. Larger shoulder lugs provide grip when going into soft corners. Stud pockets have been added in the transition zones to allow you to custom stud the Cake Eater to your riding conditions.

 builds the Light versions of the Cake Eater with a supple 120tpi tubeless ready casing and has 180 stud pockets. Terrene recommends the 4.0″ Cake Eater Tires to be mounted on rims with a width of 55-85mm. Cake Eater tires will accept Terrene, 45NRTH, and most other standard mushroom shaped bike tire studs.

  • Fast rolling fat bike tire for groomed and icy conditions
  • Deep siping on the center tread for added grip
  • Custom studdable with 180 stud pockets

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