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Model: Manitou Mastodon Pro – Gen 3
Travel: 120mm
Condition: Brand new in box

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The Mastodon is not a modified or repurposed trail fork compatible with large tire dimensions, but rather it is a fatbike fork made to improve any ride regardless of how low or high the numbers on the thermometer read. To create such a dynamic fork required all-environment and all-temperature performance testing that took the R+D staff to some of the most inhospitable testing environments in the world. To earn its place within the Manitou family, the Mastodon passed performance and reliability testing in both real world and lab scenarios at temperatures as low as -40 degrees. The Dorado Air, seals, lubricants, and all other internals are proven for all-weather performance, no matter how extreme on either end of the temperature spectrum.

Like all Pro level suspension, the Mastodon utilizes the Dorado air spring first debuted in our iconic Dorado model. The newest version of the mastodon incorporates the VTT6 damper for a simplified and more intuitive adjustment. The VTT6’s single knob adjusts both high and low speed characteristics. The resulting wide tuning range allows riders to easily find the perfect set up for any terrain.  These technologies, along with IVA volume adjustment that allows for fine tuning of the air spring curve that adapts to an extremely wide variety of conditions, riding styles and personal preferences.

• 106g of weight savings from the previous model with new crown, legs and internals.

• DoradoTM air allows for internal travel adjustments with no added parts. New travel spacers account for negative air volume change, so the 80mm fork has the same initial stroke feel as the 160mm.

• Expert Air spring systems contain a unique balancing valve that equalizes the positive and negative air chambers during the air fill process. This gives the spring rate a consistent feel without any flat or dead spots in the stroke, along with giving riders of different weights the same initial stroke feel. Dorado Air is our lightest weight air spring technology.

• Incremental Volume Adjust (IVA) modifies the volume in the positive air chamber with self contained spacers dictating the position of the IVA piston. This allows the main air spring ramp-up to be tuned to the rider weight, style and conditions without the need for additional parts.

• A single external compression adjuster that simultaneously adjusts HS and LS damping characteristics. It features a fixed shim stack and a secondary shim stack that is preloaded by the external adjuster. The resulting wide tuning range combines the benefits of a Low- speed platform and High-speed progressive tune can suite any terrain.

• New crown is 84g lighter, with increased knob clearance. 44mm offset to match modern fatbike geometry for precise handling and increased traction.

• Front brake routing allows the user to use the same length brake hose from their rigid fork, or other suspension fork. New arch ribs for increased casting stiffness.

• Tire diameter clearance is 2mm shorter that current EXT model, with a 6mm reduction of axle to crown. 796mm satisfies every fatbike tire on the market!

•Wheel Size: 26/27.5″ Fat
•Weight: 2104g
•Offset: 44mm
•Axle To Crown: 120mm travel – 544mm
•Travel: 120mm internally adjustable in 10mm increments
•Spring: Dorado Air w/ IVA
•Compression: VTT-6p
•Rebound Damping: Half Cartridge Adjustable TPC
•Adjustments: Air, Air Volume, Rebound, Compression
•Steerer: 1.5″ Tapered
•Crown: Forged Aluminum, Hollow Bore
•Leg Diameter: 34mm
•Leg Material: 7000- Series Butted Wall Aluminum
•Brake Post Mount: 180mm (203mm Max)
•Axle: 15mm x 150mm Hexlock SL
•Max Tire: Size 26×5.05″/27.5×4.5″
•E-pac: Yes

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